1. Mallard - Air Handling Units

    Air Handling Unint

      Bespoke Air Units

      High Quality Products

      Over 30yrs Experience

      Cost Effective


      Innovative Solutions

      Superior Quality
  2. Cantech - Kitchen Ventilation Systems

    Kitchen Extract Canopy

      Quality Kitchen Canopies

      Latest Design Technology

      B&ES DW172 Standards

      Variety of Materials

      On Site Installation

      Experienced Workforce

      ISO 9001 Certified
  3. Vibration and Acoustic Services

    Generator Containers

      Bespoke Solutions

      Unrivalled Range

      Consultancy Services

      Experienced Designers

      Cost Effective


      On Site Installation
  4. Ventilation and Manufacturing Services


      Ductwork to DW144

      Fast-track Manufacturing

      Design and Coordination

      Full Installation Service

      Specialist Systems

      Galvanised and Stainless

      Over 130 years Experience
  5. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

    Air Conditioning

      Air Handling Solutions

      Exact Requirements

      Understand Your Needs

      Experienced Designers

      Most Efficient System

      Basic or Full Systems

      Bespoke Cooling Package
  6. Energy Control Systems

    Mansfield Pollard Controls

      Bespoke Designs

      Fully Wired

      Cutting Edge Technology

      Ready to Run

      Simple Starter Panels

      Sophisticated Systems

      Loose or Integrated
  7. Design and Project Management

    Project Design and Management

      Project Realisation

      Full Turnkey Design

      Latest Software Modelling

      BIM, Hevacomp Designs

      CDM Contractor

      Product Coordination

      Qualified Engineers

Manufacture & Installation of Ventilation, Acoustic & Air Conditioning Systems


Improving environments for 150 years

Since 1866, we have made a difference to thousands of working environments controlling temperature, limiting noise and supplying clean, fresh air.

The technology has changed dramatically over the years but our customer service has not. We still offer an energy efficient turnkey solution and are unique in being adept at solving the challenges using our own design team and products.

We are as confident of our future as we are proud of our past.

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