Our Factory

Unrivalled Factory Capabilities

Our state-of-the-art factory at Rook Lane now has almost 200,000 sq ft of dedicated manufacturing space.

Combined with our 10,000 sq ft of exclusively designed office space and 120,00 sq ft of covered storage and yard space, the company boasts an impressive factory total of 321,000 sq ft

We continue to invest heavily in both our workforce and machinery to guarantee the consistency and quality that we are best known for.

Renowned for our business agility, the flexibility of both our factories and teams allows us to quickly adapt to projects big or small, delivering when no-one else can. A combination of cutting edge technology in the hands of highly-skilled craftsmen, means our products are built with efficiency and pin point accuracy.

Industry Leading Facilities

Rook Lane Manufacturing Site

With the business continuing to outperform all expectations and as part of our ambitious 5-year strategic growth program, we embarked on a project to consolidate all our manufacturing and office space at the modern Rook Lane site necessitating the vacation of our previous HQ at Parry Lane

Our Rook Lane facility offers the business both the capacity and the flexibility of a world class manufacturing site.

Cutting Edge Technology

crane on the ceiling of our factories warehouse

Overhead Cranes

Significant investment continues to be made across all areas of our manufacturing sites, including two single beam, 5 tonne cranes, and two single beam, 10 tonne cranes.

Our latest installation allows us to handle and manoeuvre multiple projects simultaneously, enabling our teams to work safely and efficiently as we continue to set the standard in air management and acoustic solutions.

Industrial Spray Booth

Further investment in our in-house capabilities, has seen the construction of an industrial-grade spray booth, a significant advancement that underscores our commitment improving quality, cost efficiency and product lead times, particularly for acoustic containers and enclosures. This facility elevates our service offering by enabling us to apply professional, ISO-compliant coatings in-house, ensuring that every product meets the highest standards of quality and durability.

Our spray booth is designed to accommodate a full spectrum of RAL colors, which allows for an unprecedented level of personalisation in our acoustic products. Whether the specification requires a robust, weather-resistant coating for an outdoor application or a specific aesthetic appeal for an indoor setting, we can deliver. The use of advanced coating technologies further ensures that our products are not only visually appealing but also possess the highest level of professional protection against environmental factors.