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Unrivalled Capability

Our state-of-the-art factories are spread across two sites, with over 130,000 square feet dedicated entirely to our manufacturing processes.

We continue to invest heavily in both our workforce and machinery to guarantee the consistency and quality that we are best known for.

Renowned for our business agility, the flexibility of both our premises and teams allows us to quickly adapt to projects big or small, delivering when no-one else can. A combination of cutting edge technology in the hands of highly-skilled craftsmen, means our products are built with efficiency and pin point accuracy.

Industry Leading Facilities

Parry Lane Headquarters

Headquarters of Mansfield Pollard for over 75 years, Parry Lane is a historic site having been home to Bradford Corporation Tramways prior to it being transformed into the world renowned manufacturing location it is today.

Set over 65,000 sq ft, the factory has been remapped to improve build efficiency for all product lines. Our team of over 70 skilled engineers utilise the latest manufacturing technology to produce our award winning products with superior quality and longevity.

the mansfield pollard factory

Rook Lane Manufacturing Site

With the business continuing to outperform all expectations and as part of our ambitious 5-year strategic growth program, we embarked on a project to double our manufacturing capacity with the addition of this 64,000 ft2 facility close to our HQ in Bradford.

Mainly housing our data centre and acoustic control product lines, the new facility enables us to have the capacity to be ultra flexible with our operations ensuring our industry leading turnaround times.

Complementary to the existing factory, we also have an additional 30,000 sq ft of external storage capacity.

Cutting Edge Technology

crane on the ceiling of a warehouse

Overhead Cranes

Significant investment continues to be made across all areas of our manufacturing sites, including two single beam, five tonne cranes.

This installation allows us to handle up to 10 metric tonnes, enabling our teams to work safely and efficiently as we continue to set the standard in air management and acoustic solutions.