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What Sustainability Means to Us

Mansfield Pollard was founded in 1866 and has always benefited from a family feel and dedicated teamwork ethic. In 2020, the new owners fully embraced this togetherness and continue to develop the business with a long-term outlook to ensure the next 155 years are as successful as the preceding ones.

With that longer view comes a strong sense of responsibility, caring for employees, providing employment in the local area and valuing our connections within the community. We recognise that a sustainable business must be built around an operating model that renews rather than depletes resources, that balances the will for growth with the need to conserve, and that provides stability whilst adjusting rapidly to changing market conditions.

We Are Carbon Negative

On the 24th February 2021, Mansfield Pollard officially became a Carbon Negative business by offsetting significantly more CO2e than we emitted.

Since then, we have further reduced our carbon footprint by 56.2 tonnes CO2e. We remain a carbon negative business through our projects in the Amazon, Cambodia, and locally.

Our Latest Sustainability Report

For full details about our sustainability efforts be sure to download our Sustainability Report below.

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Our 2022 Sustainability Projects

Tree Planting

UK Regional Tree Planting Programme

Using local tree planting specialists to ensure that the correct species of native broad-leaved trees are planted in the Yorkshire Region, Mansfield Pollard intend to organise tree planting events with local schools to educate, engage and inspire the next generation about the importance of the environment and conservation.

Reducing Deforestation in the Amazon

The project is working to provide legal land-use permits that will result in official land titles for those villages that actively participate in forest protection. Through funds raised, the project can continue to improve food security through agroforestry techniques, while introducing sustainable livelihood alternatives to local communities.


Cambodian Wildlife Protection &Reducing Deforestation

A multi-faceted conservation project that defines a clear set of goals, targets, and objectives for effective, equitable, and inclusive management of the protected area. Community teams support sustainable development by helping indigenous communities secure tenure; providing agriculture training; supporting alternative sustainable livelihoods such as ecotourism; and supporting education.