Case Studies

Battersea Power Station


Two Acoustic Enclosures designed, fabricated and installed by MP within a mixed residential and commercial environment.

A very high profile project that required a specialist acoustic company to deliver a tailor made solution.

Andrew Armitage – Project Manager

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MP’s acoustic team were engaged to design, fabricate, supply and install two acoustic enclosures for gas reciprocating generator sets. The mixed residential and commercial nature of the Battersea redevelopment determined noise levels to be no greater than 65 dB(a)@1m from the enclosure ventilation outlet and a mere 60 dB(a)@1m from the inlet.

Substantial airflows of 17.9m3/s inlet and 15.0m3/s outlet were required to cool and ventilate the enclosure. Measuring 14 x 5 x 4m the enclosures were located in a sub-basement location requiring an on-site flat pack build.

Bespoke heavy steel framework with heavy gauge steel base frame comprising of PFC outer frame. All mild steel framework being hot-dipped galvanised. Acoustic cladding was via 100mm composite panels with modular outlet and inlet attenuators .

Air for aspiration and cooling was drawn in & expended by a fire rated ductwork system. The fan sections consisted of a combination of plate axial fans each providing 3m3/s with actuator controlled damper sections for isolation. Four lifting beams per enclosure were designed to enable any major component removal.

Composite panel build with double seal acoustic doors.

Manufacture & install of fire rated ductwork system.

Independently tested to guarantee noise control.

Flat pack build due to sub-basement location.