Case Studies

Bentley Motors

Developing the new P1 factory extension at the flagship home of Bentley at CW1 house in Crewe.

The dedicated team at Mansfield Pollard went above & beyond to ensure deadlines were met.

Paul Wiseman- Operations Director, Nigel Smith Plumbing & Mechanical Services Ltd

  • Partnership Approach
  • Optimum Sustainability
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Mansfield Pollard and Bentley share a vision, one where manufacturing benefits the global environment and one in which the businesses become the most sustainable brand of choice in their respective markets. A vision where experienced engineers and craftsmen continually embrace new technologies and drive towards a more sustainable future.

Both Bentley and Mansfield Pollard have striking similarities including a drive to combine the highest levels of energy efficiency with maximum unit performance.

An initiative known as Bentley’s BEYOND 100 is all part of the drive to ensure that the business builds on the current CARBON-NEUTRAL status of its factory in Crewe. In order to make this future a reality, the full supply chain must follow the same path to sustainability to become CARBON-NEUTRAL END-TO-END by 2030, and climate positive from then on.

Two ultra-high efficiency air handling units were designed, manufactured and installed to provide over 50m3/s of fresh, clean air into the assembly area. Each unit was fully seam welded inside and out to achieve an air leakage class in excess of L2. The focal point of the system was the creation of a HYBRID FAN ARRAY. Designed using the latest technology in centrifugal fans with multiple discharge outlets and static system efficiencies of up to 78% (equivalent to 8%-15% higher energy efficiency than ‘best-on-the-market’ traditional plug fans).