Case Studies

Bio Science & Technology Laboratory Business Park, AHU Refurbishment


Air Handling Unit Refurbishment:

Providing energy efficient upgrades during a complete AHU refurbishment to improve reliability and performance at a Bio Science & Technology Laboratory business park, supporting over 200 companies.

  • The Project
  • The Solution
  • The Benefits

The existing air handling units were manufactured in 2001 and required extensive upgrades to meet the new specification for the areas served and extend the life cycle of the units. There was a requirement to retrofit heat recovery to the AHUs to improve energy efficiency, upgrade the belt driven fans to direct drive AC plug fans to achieve the new design air volume, and also replace the chilled water cooling coils to meet the required cooling duties.

Mansfield Pollard relocated several AHU components within the unit to allow space for the new heat recovery run around coils. The new coils were supplied and installed in split sections to overcome the on-site access restrictions. Not only did the newly installed AC plug fans create additional space within the unit for the relocated components, but they can also achieve a larger design air volume to meet the specification.

Increased performance

The new AC plug fans are able to deliver a larger volume of air to meet the new specification

Energy Efficiency

The new run around coils provides heat recovery at 68% efficiency

Improved reliability

AC plug fans are direct driven which means no belts and pulleys and eliminates multiple points of failure

Increased life cycle

The AHUs are now able to continue operation with an extended life expectancy for the end client