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HTM 03-01 Flatpack AHU

HTM 03-01 Healthcare Air Handling Unit

HTM 03-01 Healthcare Air Handling Unit

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Working directly with the NHS, private healthcare organisations and with construction & engineering contractors, our approach is always one of ultimate flexibility to guarantee both our modular and tailor-made units achieve:

  • maximum energy efficiency
  • legislative compliance incl. HTM 03-01
  • minimum unit footprint
  • required performance levels

With access to the 3rd floor plantroom restricted to a 700mm doorway and under pre-installed ductwork at a height of 1200mm, a flatpack solution with separated frame with individualised panels were required for the 9m x 2.1m air handling unit.

Built to achieve a minimum class L2 air leakage and incorporating run and standby supply and extract fans, the HTM 03-01 compliant unit now provides critical ventilation to a new operating theatre at the University Hospital North Tees.

Fully customised, the welded aluminium profile base was reduced from the standard 300mmm to 287m to connect seamlessly with pre-existing ductwork spigots and a quick release fan mechanism designed to ensure maximum uptime and unit reliability.

Ultimate Flat Pack Build:

700mm plantroom access required an extreme flatpack solution

HTM 03-01 2021 Compliant:

Fully compliant with the latest HTM 03-01 legislation (2021).

Class L2 Air Leakage:

On-site AHU casing build & testing to achieve class L2

Run & Standby EC Fans:

Offering the ultimate in redundancy, efficiency and low noise levels