Case Studies

Morrisons Perth AHU Refurbishment

Air Handling Refurbishment Morrisons

Air Handling Unit Refurbishment:

Mansfield Pollard’s refurbishment team were quickly on site to provide a solution after an interruption in supply air to the Morrisons store in the centre of the city of Perth.

  • The Project
  • The Solution
  • The Benefits

Upon inspection, the existing belt driven fan had suffered catastrophic damage due to the shaft shearing completely from the impeller. More critically, with the 9m3/s AHU being completely out of service, this prevented the supply of any heated air across the main store shopping aisles, significantly impacting customer and staff comfort levels.

Due to the size of the existing fan, a like for like replacement would require a split casing and involve costly lifting equipment to allow the fan to be assembled in position. The innovative solution was to replace the existing belt driven fan and motor with a FAN WALL of ultra-high efficiency, direct drive EC. plug fans.


EC fans are direct driven which means no belts and pulleys


if one of the four EC fans were to fail, the remaining fans can continue to operate to provide airflow


Eliminates multiple points of failure such as belts, pulleys, and bearings becoming faulty


Lightweight and compact for easier maneuverability and reduced maintenance requirements.