Case Studies

Tranmere Park Primary School AHU Refurbishment


Air Handling Unit Refurbishment:

Remove, upgrade and reinstall two Air Handling Units during a strict 4-day period while a much-needed roof repair was completed.

  • The Project
  • The Solution
  • The Benefits

Located on the rooftop of a school in Leeds, the AHU was originally designed and manufactured back in 2004. Scheduled to be refurbished and relocated during of a much-needed roof repair over a strict 4 day period. It was essential our team of technical engineers moved the AHU from its original position, carried out the refurbishment, and then moved it again into a new position once the roof repair was completed.

Our expert team stripped the full AHU/Ductwork and all the electrical wiring to allow the roof repairs to take place. This was followed by a full internal component renovation: including a fan upgrade, coil replacement, a new energy control system. Delivering huge energy and cost savings whilst significantly contributing to achieving sustainability targets and are now ready for another 15 years of service.

Strict time period for refurbishment

Working with multiple companies ensure work is completed at a convenient time.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Improving energy efficiency and reliability through effective internal component renovation.

Increase Life Cycle & Future Proofing

Component upgrades and cleaning to ensure the longevity of the AHU..

Reduced Maintenance

Lower on-going maintenance costs whilst ensuring legal compliance