A brief history of Mansfield Pollard

1 – 1866

North Wing Workshop at the Paper Hall

Company established in Bradford by John Mansfield. Specialising in sheet metal work to serve the burgeoning local wool industry. Our original premises (or ‘North Wing’ workshop), this building was actually the part of the stables of the Grade II listed Paper Hall, noted for being the oldest domestic building in Bradford City Centre and for housing the city’s first spinning machines, bringing the industrial revolution to Bradford.

2 – 1900

Marketing c.1920

The company began to specialise in the manufacture of steam drying cylinders for wool dying. Bradford was transformed into the woolen textile capital of the world and the number of spinning mills stood at 350 – A very busy and successful time for the company

3 – 1932

Original purchase receipt

April 4th 1932 saw Harry Pollard buy a half share in all fixtures, stock goodwill and business trading for the princely sum of £120 and the name Mansfield Pollard was born. Not long after the company relocated to the current site on Parry Lane.

4 – 1952

Wool mill c.1952 Bray, Ireland

Gordon Pollard takes over the reigns from his father and continues to expand the sheet metal business for other emerging industries as the woolen trade began to decline.

5 – 1970

Early MP ductwork ventilation system

With increasing legislation related to ventilation and building standards, the company makes a strategic decision to move into sub contract ductwork manufacture.

6 – 1975

One of the first MP Kitchen canopies

Expansion of the company continues at pace with the manufacture of sheet metal products which our own ductwork systems actually serve as Mansfield Pollard morphs into a total solutions provider. Kitchen canopies becomes the first specialist product line to complement the successful ductwork side of the business.

7 – 1978

Building upon the success of the commercial kitchen canopy range, the company began to manufacture specialist air handling units. This product line quickly became the main area of core business expansion due to the build quality and bespoke nature of the product.

8 – 1988

Acoustic Enclosure c.1988

Pro-active diversification continues due to upcoming legislation and prevailing market forces as Mansfield Pollard begin to manufacture Vibration and Acoustic Products. Specialist staff are recruited as Mansfield Pollard strives to become a market leader in all product types.

9 – 2002

Refrigerations circuit and energy controls

Total ventilation solutions becomes a reality as Mansfield Pollard diversifies again with an in-house controls and refrigeration division.

10 – 2013+

Joanna Robinson

Joanna Robinson becomes first female MD in Mansfield Pollard’s history as the air management experts go from strength to strength.