Customer Service SUPERHERO!

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What makes Mansfield Pollard’s customer service superhero Vicky Eades tick??

What roles have you done in the past that make you the right fit for Mansfield Pollard?

I have over 20 years customer service and demand management experience within the manufacturing and construction industries. Working in these markets I have been privileged not only to understand the manufacturing process and particularly the challenges faced to deliver a quality product, but also to have gained awareness of how customers within different business sectors such as, food, pharmaceutical and healthcare have different needs, quality control and delivery requirements. This defines my thoughts on how we, at MP, can flex our approach on delivering our service to a variety of business sectors including air handling, kitchen ventilation and acoustic control. 

What was your greatest achievement within your previous role/s?

Working in the construction industry, service delivery and success was measured by an independent customer satisfaction survey.  A combination of clear vision, shared direction, teamwork and (most importantly) listening to customers I managed to increase after sales service satisfaction from 37% to 80% within 3 years, which is significantly above benchmarks for the industry.

What have you been brought in to do / what does your current role involve?

In order to strengthen our position by means of growth and customer satisfaction, MP have restructured the business to allow us to focus on the importance of our customers. The part I play is to be the voice of our customer, see through their eyes on how MP serve them. This will allow me to transform and deliver our service in the future.

What attracted you to the role / MP?

Two words, STRENGTH and VISION. Looking at the website, seeing who their customers and followers are on social media and meeting the Board of Directors gave me the confidence to know this is a company I want to work for. Everyone I have met here is determined, passionate and highly customer focused; I would be a fool not to join this type of environment! Don’t get me wrong, we are not perfect (yet) but this is where I come into the picture, I thrive on turning a challenge into positive change and result.

What excites / interests you about the industry?

(Laugh) well, although our products might not be the sexiest of topics to talk about, the businesses we supply and serve definitely are!  What I can relate to is our customers industries and the huge importance to control temperature, remove pollutants or limit noise for them.  We design, manufacture and install solutions so people can simply walk around an Ikea store or have a quiet night’s sleep in a Premier Inn, to more critical applications such as an ultra-clean environment for our surgeons in the fantastic NHS…this is what we do!

How can you see your role and the company developing?

We have a fantastic team here at Mansfield Pollard that can deliver products to specification, on time and to an exceptional level of quality. Having spoken to some of customers, they are extremely impressed with our products and that’s why they choose us. I will be working closely with our customers and team to bring even more focus on how we can deliver a service that makes us first choice every time which will allow us to expand our presence further in the many markets we serve.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Well I said it in my interview and I will have to say it again here……. you can’t beat having a gin and tonic at the end of the day!