Elected to form part of the B&ES Ductwork Group Executive Committee. May 2014


Joanna Robinson, managing director of Mansfield Pollard has officially been elected to form part of the B&ES Ductwork Group Executive Committee.

Joanna is proud to be the first women to ever sit on the committee which plays an important role in the work of the B&ES and helps the Association to form its policies in all areas of this sector. Joanna has the opportunity to have input into the technical publications such as DW/144 and DW/172, the standards for the industry therefore influencing the industry and improving working practices. The recent AGM held at the historic Trinity House on London’s Tower Hill saw the launch of the revised DW144 (2013), the Ductwork Executive Committee together with the Technical Committee were heavily involved in the long awaited revision of this document. DW/144: Specification for Sheet Metal Ductwork, a comprehensive reference work recognised as the Standard Specification for ductwork manufacture and installation has been aligned to all current BS, BS EN ISO and other standards and regulations. DW/144 defines specifications for sheet metal ductwork for low, medium and high pressure/velocity air systems.

B&ES – DW/144 Specification for Sheet Metal Ductwork.