Ventilation in Education: Prioritising Student Health & Comfort

Education Air Handling Unit and MVHR

Adequate ventilation in learning environments is essential to creating a positive, productive space for children and young adults. Numerous studies have shown the worrying impact of poor indoor air quality in children and young adults including reduced levels of concentration, headaches, poor mood and in some extreme cases developmental issues.

Proper ventilation systems can be put in place to combat these negative effects, allowing clean fresh air to replenish rooms that would otherwise be filled with pollutants, dust, and potentially harmful particles.

The Education Sector

Healthy indoor environments in schools, academies, and colleges are key in allowing our young people to make the most of their education and thrive during their studies. Encompassing more than just the classroom, this can also include proper air management in sports halls, kitchens, science labs and even swimming pools. Each of these environments present a unique set of challenges, which is why ventilation solutions must be scalable to meet a wide range of criteria.

Ventilation technology has developed to meet these stringent demands, with innovative designs utilising efficient components to produce tangible and measurable results. In a sector that often faces tight budgets, this is essential in ensuring a positive return on investment.

It is estimated that up to £150 million is being wasted each year on “unnecessary energy being used by the service and maintenance of schools” which, according to the Royal Institute of British Architects, could be recovered with “better school design”. In short, the education sector could potentially save millions by simply investing more in their buildings.

The Xe Series of MVHR units by Mansfield Pollard uses a range of low energy, high efficiency fans to reduce energy costs and improve the carbon footprint of education buildings. Producing a ventilation solution that is not only better for the environment, but for the education sector’s bottom line as well.

The Xe Series by Mansfield Pollard

The Impact of COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought the issue of indoor air quality (IAQ) into the mainstream. We are now, more than ever, aware of the health impacts of improper ventilation. Airborne particles including dust, pollen and viruses thrive in poorly ventilated areas – an issue only made worse when combined with the close confines of a school environment.

With a return to school-based learning in mid-2021, administrators felt the pressure to improve the airflow in classrooms and communal areas. Ventilation systems that are able to be retrofit, such as the Xe Series, provide an inexpensive solution to what could otherwise be a costly problem.

The Xe Series by Mansfield Pollard

The Xe Series offers the ultimate in energy recovery ventilation for all non-residential applications but particularly in schools, academies, and colleges. Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery provides a continuous source of clean air whilst extracting stale, moisture laden air from a room. This results in a safe and comfortable environment whilst reducing the carbon footprint via a highly efficient energy recovery process.

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