We supply Acoustic Enclosures for some of the largest civil engineering projects around the world.

From close fitting drop over canopies, to large modular site-built installation, MP works closely with OEM’s, end users, contractors and consultants, to deliver the most cost-effective and technically compliant solution.

Designed in-house, using independently verified data our acoustic enclosures achieve even the most stringent noise level requirements.

Grey Acoustic Enclosure

Acoustic Enclosure Applications

Commercial Acoustic Enclosures

Acoustic Enclosure Commericial BuildingsMansfield Pollard have a wealth of experience working with contractors and consultants in the building services and construction sector. With environmental noise control being a critical aspect of any construction project, Mansfield Pollard are well placed to support our customers with the most cost effective and technically compliant solutions.

Typical products utilised in this sector are Acoustic Enclosures for rotating equipment, acoustic barriers for roof mounted plant, and acoustic wall lining plantroom equipment.

Commercial building
Manufacturing Car Plant

Industrial Acoustic Enclosures

Acoustic Enclosure Industrial GeneratorsMansfield Pollard’s acoustic enclosures are utilised across a wide range of industry sectors. With consideration to both industrial and environmental noise legislation, the focus is on employers to ensure compliance.

Our expertise and product knowledge gives us the flexibility to work with consultants, contractors, OEM’s and End Users in any sector, with experience providing noise control solutions in the Steel, Glass, Food, Printing, Automotive and many other industrial sectors.

Power Generation

Acoustic Enclosure Power Generator or SubstationWhilst MP offer a range of bespoke acoustic containers for the power generation sector, we also have a wealth of experience in providing modular site-built acoustic enclosures for applications such as transformers and sub stations, boiler applications, aeration systems, and air filtration amongst others.

Acoustic Enclosure Power Substation
a room full of pipes

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical

Acoustic Enclosure Oil and Gas IconIn the Oil & Gas, and PetroChemical, sectors, compliance with the highly specialised noise and environmental controls required to ensure the safety of employees is critical. MP have the product and application knowledge to ensure that the most stringent of specifications are complied with.

From offshore power generation products to fluid handling and pumping applications, MP have the ability to provide solutions to satisfy the highly technical nature of these projects.

Water & Wastewater

Acoustic Enclosure Water PumpWith due consideration to the general location of Wastewater Treatment Plants in typical mixed industrial and residential locations, MP can provide acoustic enclosures for the many and varied applications within this sector.

From fluid and air movement, to material separation and odour control, MP’s range of products can be utilised to ensure compliance with the most stringent of environmental noise control requirements.

blue water pump : Air Handling Units with water protection
lots of plastic on an escalator

Waste Management & Recycling

Acoustic Enclosure Waste Management and Recycling IconWith an ever increasing focus on environmental issues, the number of recycling and waste to energy facilities in the UK has increased dramatically over the last decade.

There are typically numerous noise sources on these sites, and MP have the experience and product range to help employers comply with both industrial and environmental noise legislation.

Whether it be picking sheds and noise havens to protect the employee, or acoustic enclosures to house fans, blowers and granulators at source, MP have done it all.

Acoustic Enclosures Features

Acoustic Control Case Studies…

We have over 50 years of specialist experience and a fully integrated acoustic control solution packages, from consultancy & surveys through to design, manufacture and installation, we can ensure our Acoustic Containers and Acoustic Enclosures can achieve your noise level specification

Royal London Hospital

Custom built acoustic solutions for the recently built Royal London hospital.

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    Acoustic Enclosure FAQ

    • An Acoustic Enclosure, also known as a noise-reducing or soundproof enclosure, is a structure designed to manage noise levels of commercial and industrial machinery through the method of soundproofing and noise dampening.

    • Noise levels above 85 dB over a prolonged period of time is harmful to humans and can lead to headaches, hearing loss and other health concerns. The louder the sound, the shorter the amount of time it takes for side effects to occur, and the longer we have exposure to high sound levels the greater the risk we have to long lasting effects.

      An Acoustic Enclosure is used to help ensure the noise level specification and legal requirements of noise pollution are achieved in a wide variety of machinery and applications such as

      • Uninterruptible Power Supply
      • Power Generation
      • Hydraulic Power Packs
      • Commercial or Industrial Applications
      • Water & Wastewater
      • Waste Management & Recycling

      Noise reduction is not the only benefit of an Acoustic Enclosure. By enclosing the machinery, we are also adding an additional layer of protection against the elements and any damage from any workplace activity. These can also improve the building aesthetics by hiding machinery from the view of employees, customers and nearby homes.


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