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Mansfield Pollard 4 AHU Service Vans providing HVAC and AHU Maintenance

Comprehensive AHU maintenance packages.

Our experienced mobile engineers are here to provide expert advice and a planned, preventative HVAC & AHU maintenance solutions to ensure your unit maintains optimum efficiency.  Our comprehensive maintenance solutions not only prevent unit breakdowns, but also improve system resilience, improve energy efficiency and ensure your unit is providing maximum economic value through optimum performance.

In addition to real savings in energy usage, regular service and maintenance contributes to sustainability goals through reduced carbon emissions and ensure compliance with any legislative requirements.

AHU & HVAC Service packages are fully customised to suit individual units tailored to your specific site and application requirements. Panel and bag filter are changed as standard with any other additional works/preventative measures recommended as required.  Any urgent remedial works can be scheduled subject to the availability of necessary parts.

AHU Maintenance & Service Visits

Our standard service plans are for two years and include two scheduled visits per annum:

  • Inlet and Outlet:

    Check condition of dampers and actuators.

    Heat Recovery:

    Run thermal wheels to check for operation.


    Check condition heating & cooling coils incl. signs of leaks.

    Check condensate drains for signs of blockage and leaks.


    Run fans to check for operation.

    Check condition of fan impeller blades.

    Examine motor cooling fins.

    Examine impeller for dirt build-up, damage.

    Examine motor, fan and ancillary equipment fixings (guards, guide vane welds.)

    Check condition of couplings and drive systems inc. belt tension where required.

    Run fans and listen to bearings.


    Check filter condition and provide replacements.


    Examine AHU structure for corrosion and air leaks where accessible.

    Check general operation and condition of locks, seals and hinges.

    Check condition isolators and switch gear etc.

    Inspect paintwork/galvanising.


    Note condition of surfaces on wheels, coils and internal AHU surfaces.

    Visual inspection of components fixed to each AHU e.g. DP switches, manometers, etc.

    Check movement of vibration isolators.

    Inspect paintwork/galvanising.

  • Following each visit a detailed report is produced indicating any short and medium term remedial actions that are necessary.

    Longer plans are available on request, please contact us for more details.

  • Once your report is produced and a remedial plan is created, our team of experts create a bespoke solution to target your specific needs and requirements.

    Our teams are on hand at all times to guide you through this process and ensure quality and consistency throughout.

AHU Maintenance & Spares

From consumable parts to full component replacement, we understand that AHU downtime is extremely disruptive in any workplace and can often have an associated economic impact. Mansfield Pollard’s dedicated team offer a full and fast turnaround spares service for both MP and other manufacturers units.

Mansfield Pollards specialist AHU engineers quickly source and send the genuine AHU part within the timescale agreed. We can sometimes offer same day or next day delivery on many orders.

Spare Filters Parts being replaced during a HVAC and AHU Maintenance visit
HVAC and MVHR steelwork

Extended Warranty

A Mansfield Pollard air handling unit is designed to give you trouble free air management for many years.  Our reputation for quality and longevity in the marketplace is second to none and is recognition of the decades of continuous improvement and engineering excellence.

Our standard warranty for all AHU’s is 18 months from the date of delivery, but for extra peace of mind, enhanced warranties are available.  Cover includes both parts and labour for an additional two-year period (longer warranties may be available on request)

Factory backed warranties ensure repairs are handled by the company that built your system, not a third-party vendor.

Expert assistance

You will have access to our experienced air handling unit engineers with a wealth of knowledge to get your air handling system working again with minimal disruption.

Upgraded performance

Our experts may also be able to upgrade the performance of your AHU system at the same time. For example, fan and motor upgrades may provide significant energy savings.

Get in Touch

Contact us today to discuss your HVAC & AHU maintenance requirements with the experts at Mansfield Pollard.
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