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Custom Made Solutions for Over 40 Years

Mansfield Pollard are kitchen ventilation experts and our specialist engineers have designed, manufactured and installed bespoke kitchen canopies since 1975.

Kitchen environments are as individual as chefs, menus and cuisine styles with each presenting its own unique challenge.

Over 5000 bespoke kitchen canopy and ventilation solutions later, with engineering experience no other company can match, we are at the forefront of kitchen ventilation technology and continue to create truly bespoke kitchen canopies and ventilation systems across the UK, Europe and worldwide.

Our Canopies

Kitchen Ventilation Specialists

Our kitchen canopies are manufactured to meet the most rigorous commercial and industrial standards and are built to last


Aesthetics are pivotal to any design, which is why our Canopies are designed to blend seamlessly into their surroundings.


All our canopies are made from AISI 304 stainless steel, fine grain satin polished to meet food hygiene standards. Our pre-tested component parts guarantee maximum performance. Proudly made in Yorkshire since 1866.


We have both the facilities and expertise to undertake a wide range of both on-site and factory acceptance testing to verify performance levels including air balancing and acoustic testing.

Canopy Enhancements

A commercial kitchen canopy can be much more than a simple source of extraction. The ability to fully customise each canopy ensures a perfect solution for even the most demanding kitchen environments. We offer a wide range of canopy enhancements allowing our customers to create the perfect ventilation solution.

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Choose from a wide range of canopy enhanacements based on your specifications. You have the option to add as many enhancements you require as our tailor-made canopies are completely customisable.

Every commercial kitchen needs specialist engineering to manage heat, smoke, fat oil & grease (FOG), combustion gases, noise and odour however circumstances often dictate the requirement for a fully bespoke solution.

A commercial kitchen canopy can be much more than a simple source of extraction. The ability to fully customise each canopy ensures a perfect solution for even the most demanding kitchen environments. We offer a wide range of canopy enhancements allowing our customers to create an ideal ventilation solution.

  • IAQ
  • Emissions Capture
  • Grease Filtration
  • Auto-Cleaning
  • Lighting
  • Finishes
  • DCKV

In addition to the effective removal of cooking fumes at source, a kitchen canopy can supply clean fresh air into commercial kitchens to create a safe and comfortable environment and ensure optimum staff performance.


Supply-air is typically delivered through the front, outward facing valance of the hood. Mansfield Pollard’s low velocity, perforated diffuser panel ensures that the airflow does not distort any cooking plumes.


Spot cooling:

For the more demanding kitchens, our multi-directional terminals provide fresh air directly on to the chefs to allow optimal performance and maximum operator comfort.



Inboard air capture technology was developed to improve kitchen environments while reducing operational costs. Inboard air capture saves energy by reducing the effective net exhaust volumes and improving extraction efficiency with minimized fan and ductwork sizing.

The kitchen canopies deliver a small air jet that pushes the uprising thermal current to the filters preventing cooking fumes spreading to the work area. When compared to conventional exhaust-only hoods, energy consumption is reduced by approximately 30% due to its lower air flow rates – giving direct savings in both running and initial costs.

Grease separators:

Stainless steel grease separators (or baffle filters) are available in standard or bespoke sizes and are verifiably tested for separation efficiency and fire protection capabilities. All separators are available in two performance options of standard or high efficiency.

Cold water mist:

Stainless steel pipe manifolds and a spray nozzle system injects a fine cold-water mist along the internal length of the canopy plenum. This dilutes products generated during the cooking process and acts as the ultimate spark arrestor preventing burning embers from entering the ductwork system.  A cold-water mist system is a necessity for all forms of solid fuel cooking.   

In most kitchens, grease separators need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Mansfield Pollard’s hot water wash is designed to automatically carry out this function removing the need for dismantling, cleaning and re-assembling all of the filters.

Independent nozzles spray a hot water and detergent mix into the extract plenum to remove all grease deposits and residue. Return on investment is rapid due to lower maintenance and labour costs and the hot water wash consistently maintains filtration efficiency.

Professional kitchens require much more than simply satisfying illumination levels. Safety, quality control and productivity are all linked to lighting and the commercial kitchen canopy is the main source of illumination.

Our canopies use LED based state-of-the-art lighting technology to achieve the specified colour temperature and colour rendering index on the cookline to fully respect the food colour and texture from raw ingredients to plated presentation.


With the increasing popularity of open kitchens and front of house / theatre style cooking, the canopy area is often the focal point of the restaurant.

Our canopies can be fully customised to complement the décor, becoming a real centrepiece of the dining experience. With over 100 stainless steel colour options, plus the capability of digital reproduction and electro-chemical etching / embossing, the possibilities are limitless.

Demand Controlled Kitchen Ventilation

Eco-Sense is Mansfield Pollard’s responsive and flexible demand-controlled kitchen ventilation system specifically designed to revolutionise kitchen energy footprints. Utilising the latest sensor technology, eco-sense adjusts the canopy airflow rates in real-time dependant upon cooking activity beneath it.

Traditional kitchen extract systems would operate at 100% whilst the kitchen area is in use. The average extract rate with eco-sense averages at 40% giving an incredible efficiency saving of 60%

With an estimated return of investment within less than a year, eco-sense minimises operating costs by significantly reducing energy consumption while contributing to your sustainability goals and targets.


Quality & Compliance Assured


DW/172 2nd Edition

As a recognised expert in Kitchen Ventilation with Mansfield Pollard’s Head of Projects Scott Donoghue being one of the four-man panel of experts, all our bespoke canopies are designed, manufactured and installed in accordance with DW/172 2nd edition 2018.

DW/172 created by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) is the industries primary guidance document for kitchen ventilation systems.

We have created a helpful guide to explore the latest changes to the document which you can download below.

Download our Guide

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