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Refurbishment vs Replacement

The refurbishment cost of existing air handling units is typically 40-50% of the cost of new equipment. We also understand that customers want to minimise disruption and downtime as much as possible when dealing with air handling units. Refurbishment is often faster than replacement and also offers greater flexibility to complete the work. Relatively simple measures can make a big difference in reducing operating costs and provide a rapid and demonstrable return on investment

More Than Cost Efficiency

We all continue to strive towards net zero: energy efficiency & sustainability is no longer a preference, it is a necessity. Clean air is recognised as being important for health, well-being and productivity & we have never been more conscious about the air we breath. Upgrading of critical components and ‘engineered in’ redundancy ensures uninterrupted operation and maximum unit resilience.

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In excess of £750,000 of investment over the past 12 months providing a 70% increase in capacity.


Significant focus on design & development investments to ensure industry leading status.

Business Agility

Experts in multiple product lines with capability to switch production line focus when needed.

Enhancing AHU Performance

  • Unit Corrosion
  • Filters and Frames
  • AV Mounts
  • Humidifiers
  • Heat Recovery
  • Controls
  • Roof and Access
  • Fans
  • Bearings
  • Coils
  • Dampers
  • Duct and Pipes

Caused by leaking panels / unit profiles – can be treated or removed, and the panels replaced repainted and resealed as necessary.

Replacement filter frames and upgraded filters prevent air leakage and improve IAQ. Replacement pressure gauges to monitor usage.

Replacement of AV mounts and flexible connections will be considered when necessary.

Upgrades / retrofitting of humidification options in addition to servicing options.

Options for sectional thermal wheel, plate heat exchanger and packaged heat pump / run-around coil upgrades.

Full controls assessment to check functionality and potential upgrades to minimise future energy consumption.

New roofs can be manufactured and fitted along with any additional access panel as required. Door furniture updated as required.

Potential for single inlet direct drive backward curved ‘plug’ fans with inverter or EC fan with built in electronic speed control.

Double inlet backward curved fans can be replaced with new bearings to extend their lifespan.

Heating and cooling coil repair or replacement including pipework and replacement fins. Upgrade of drainage systems as necessary.

Damper maintenance, repair and, mechanism replacement including actuators fitment if warranted.

All pertaining duct, pipework and insulation will be surveyed for quality and potential improvements.


We have a number of years of experience in transforming working AHUs across a wide range of environments


Mansfield Pollard’s engineers were chosen to provide a full ventilation refurbishment service for 10 air handling units including HTM 03-01 specification units. Project highlights including retro-fitment of a heat recovery system via run-around coils, upgrading of all fans to EC, replacement of heating and cooling coils and design and installation of full controls package.


To provide a full refurbishment service across theTelefonica property portfolio in England and Scotland. To improve energy efficiency through fan upgrades to supply and extract. replace new cooling coil and retrofit a new electric heater battery. Replacement of panels where necessary and install door guards on fan access panels.


Located at Skipton Academy, this AHU refurbishment completely transformed the unit with minimal downtime.

Full disassemble, relocation and upgrade of air handling units including fans, motors, coil, dampers, filters and energy controls package. Retrofitting of re-heat coil and re-skinning of internal base panels.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

We spend on average 22 hours a day indoors which equates to 90% of our lives. It is imperative that the air we breath is as clean as possible. Levels of CO₂, temperature and humidity, particulate matter (PM) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) have a huge impact on human comfort and productivity and human health and well-being. Any ventilation solution should improve some if not all of these natural key performance indicators.

Solution Validation

As a specialist ventilation solutions provider we encourage customers to demand data driven validation of project results through the use of an industrial IAQ monitor. Our unique customer focused promise is a three step process designed to provide complete peace of mind.

Firstly we can actively evaluate conditions and provide customers valuable insight of their IAQ. Secondly design a solution to address the issues before finally monitoring its effectiveness on IAQ.

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