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A large building HVAC solution for Burts Snacks Ltd Food production facility: providing 16.7m3/s of tempered air for a new 60,oooft extension at the home of Burts Hand Cooked Crisps

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The Project

Large Building HVAC Solutions:

Burts Snacks, the home of Burts hand cooked crisps has recently undergone a program of significant expansion. A 60,000ft2 extension brought the available food production space to over 130,000ft2 with additional investment in upgrading and implementing new machinery to double the previous capacity and output. As experts in large building HVAC solutions, Mansfield Pollard were engaged to provide heating and ventilation for the large open plan facility. The requirement was to maximise indoor air quality for employees and stabilise ambient temperature at a comfortable 20c.

Food Production Site Air Handling:

In food production sites, environmental air must be of a specified quality in terms of temperature, particle concentration and humidity. Additional controls are required for the manufacture of certain products and for high care production areas, in order to reduce the risk of contamination.


Project Highlights

A roof mounted 3x3x6m supply only unit was manufactured to provide a duty of 16.7m3s for the 60,000ft2 additional production space.

Two condensing gas fired heat exchangers were required to maintain a consistent air temperature of 20oc. Two large weatherproof cowls with high efficiency filtration system ensured the supply of clean air and the unit was fitted with an integrated BACnet control system to link the unit to the existing BMS to maintain and regulate airflow and temperature.

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