Unlimited choice of capabilities & refrigeration unit types
We manufacture bespoke packages and multi compressor sets to suit any application using the latest low GWP refrigerants and including cutting edge technology. If chilled water is your requirement, we have a full range of packaged fluid coolers using scroll, reciprocating and oil free centrifugal compressors.

Our engineering solutions are flexible and adaptable ranging from critical, precision air conditioning for environments such as operating theatres and clean rooms through to cooling, heating and ventilation of retail, commercial, sport and leisure environments ensuring a comfortable consistent ambient temperature with a constant flow of fresh air and balanced humidity.





three industrial refrigerators | HVAC Refrigeration

Low GWP Refrigerant

We understand the impact that refrigerants have on the wider environment and are proud to use the latest low GWP refrigerants in all our critical and precision air conditioning solutions.

Our designs cover all the safety aspects associated with A2L refrigerants.

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End to End Service

We design the plant based on site specifics with careful consideration of restrictions based on the nature of the site and operating environment.

Heat pump units are selected to maximise energy efficiency with the optimum solution based on the design calculation for energy efficient operation at varying weather conditions.

Onsite installation is by our specialist team of in-house refrigeration engineers.

Industrial refrigerators being lifted by a crane | AHU & HVAC Refrigeration
an outdoor industrial refrigerator | AHU & HVAC Refrigeration

AHU & HVAC Refrigeration Coils

Our design engineers consider the overall air movement requirements, including heat recovery and pre-heater coils and select refrigeration coils, for optimum output in both heating and cooling operation.

Optimum performance is achieved by taking into account varying operating conditions, air volume, heating & cooling capacities, minimum & maximum ambient conditions, no. of circuits and its layout, tubes & fin sizing and capacity control.

A holistic approach is taken to provide a combined solution for heating, cooling, ventilation and humidification to ensure a smart, efficient and cost-effective solution.

Why Choose Mansfield Pollard?

Customer Focus

Our greatest asset is our people, they are the heartbeat of the business. Thanks to our talented and flexible workforce, and industry leading manufacturing techniques, we provide world class customer service and industry leading turnaround times.


We are able to provide a wide range of programmable logic controllers, programmable controllers and user interfaces to adapt to any control scheme and building management system.

Made in Britain

With over 20 years of experience in building management systems, Mansfield Pollard provide in-house design, manufacturing, installation and software engineering to suit the requirements of the most demanding projects.

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