Ultraviolet Air Sterilisation Systems

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Clean, Sterilised Air For Every Space

UV-C is one of the most effective ways of destroying airborne pathogens including bacteria and viruses. UVent air purification and sterilisation products are designed to kill up to 99.99% of microorganisms through state-of-the-art ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, to provide you with ultra-clean air.

Hospital Grade Technology For Every Day

In addition to hospitals and healthcare facilities, our award winning product suite can also be found in schools, offices, hotels and retail environments across the UK.

All UVent products have been rigorously tested in the UK by independent experts, ensuring unbeatable performance and guaranteed results.

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UVent UV Air Sterilisers are proven to kill up to 99.99% of airborne viruses and pollutants.
Independently Tested, Expert Approved!

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UVent: Commercial UV Air Steriliser Products

UVent Mobile

A flexible and fully portable UV sterilisation unit to sterilise any specific spaces.

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UVent Ceiling Jet

A compact UV sterilisation unit sized to replace a single standard ceiling tile.

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UVent Duct Mounted

The most powerful and efficient air sterilisation unit of its type.

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The Science Behind UVent

DNA Destruction, Destroying Virus with UVC

DNA Destruction

UV-C exposure directly attacks the DNA of micro organisms, stopping their capacity for reproduction. With the initial exposure, UV-C has properties that alter the cells of living tissue, particularly microbes.

UV-C radiation triggers the formation of peptide bonds between certain amino acids in the microbe’s DNA molecules rendering bacteria, viruses and moulds harmless by robbing them of the ability to reproduce.

If the germ cells are exposed for extended periods they start breaking down to the molecular level (carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen etc.)

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation

UV or ultraviolet light is presented between 100 and 400nm wavelength of the electro-magnetic spectrum.

All UVent products work within the UV-C wavelength of 280nm or less and it is here that the sterilisation process is most efficient.

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Innovative Technology

Our Partners in Development

UVent Test results

Tested by Independent Laboratories

All UVent, UV air purifier and sterilisation products, have been tested by specialist units at the University of Leeds and University of Bradford. Rigorous scientific scrutiny is the only way to truly guarantee any product like this and no expense was spared by the Company in its R&D budget to achieve the widely published results.

Over thirty different pathogens were tested including coronavirus, influenza, MRSA, Rotavirus, Hepatitis A, Cholera and Herpes Simplex. We are one of the few companies to invest so heavily in its testing capabilities of the product.

UVent Documentation: UV Air Purifier & Sterilisation

What Do Our Customers Say?

“The introduction of UVent mobile air sterilisation units into our consulting rooms has enabled the business to vastly reduce fallow time and triple the number of patients we see on a daily basis.”

Caroline Jackson,
Lead Dentist and Clinical Director at Hartlepool Dental and Implant Centre

“We have purchased a number of these units now and they are seen as a very important part of our patients well-being as well as for our employees. The clinicians have been very happy after a recommendation from our Endoscopy lead, Mr Bannerjee. A number of specialities have followed suit in purchasing these units which we are very pleased to say are also funded by NHSE.”

Deb Carr,
Procurement Project Manager (Clinical) Barking, Havering Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust

Award Winning

UVent Award Winning Commercial uv air purifier & steriliser

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