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  • UVent’s core technology was initially designed and manufactured to assist in the SARS and Ebola Pandemics in the early 2000’s.

    For the past decade, the technology has been refined to ensure UVent has the world’s most powerful, independently tested suite of air sterilisation products to destroy airborne pathogens including bacteria and viruses – GUARANTEED.  The units combine air management expertise with maximum UV-C intensity to deliver the ultimate in air sterilisation technology.

  • Our product suite is suitable for a huge range of airflow duties and has the capability to be used in virtually any indoor application. Our dedicated UVent team is always available to offer advice and expertise to ensure your get the right solution.

    From healthcare and hospitals, through to schools, offices, hotels, retail and entertainment venues, UVent has a solution.

  • A combination of maximum air dwell time with innovative UV-C intensity technology ensures the DNA of microorganisms is attacked which stops their capacity for reproduction and breaks them down a molecular level rendering them completely harmless. This has been exhaustively tested and we are probably the only company to be able to guarantee that viruses and bacteria will be destroyed.

  • HEPA filters are designed to trap particles down to 0.3 microns and viruses are much smaller than that. Studies show that viruses penetrate HEPA filters. Studies also show that microbial contamination can grow on HEPA filters and they themselves can become a source of microbial contamination.

    UVent technology is designed to kill all viruses and our test results show a kill rate of up to 99.99% on a single air pass.  UVent does not filter air, it sterilises air, destroying bacteria and viruses

  • There are many factors that can affect the efficiency of UV-C products, including the wavelength and intensity of ultra-violet light and the mechanisms of airflow.

    In other words, not all devices are the same:  All UVent products have a unique patented design which ensures maximum air dwell time is combined with industry leading irradiation intensity for unparalleled performance.


  • Yes, our units remove viruses from the air and can reduce surface settlement by up to 80% if installed correctly, they cannot however do anything about viruses and other contaminants that have already settled onto the floor and normal cleaning / sterilisation process should continue as normal.

  • UV-C is an extremely powerful wavelength although none of the units emit any UV light as the lamps are housed in self-contained blackout chambers, care should always be taken as the light emitted can be harmful especially the human eye.

    There are a number of additional safety cut-off features to ensure the units are totally safe to use and maintain and all UVent products should be interlocked with airflow such that in the event of airflow failure, the unit will automatically switch off.

  • No, absolutely not, there are no by-products and the  units are completely safe to operate 24hrs a day if required- also, all our units are ozone free (tested!)

  • Where local facilities exist, the UV lamps can be recycled. The lamps can be easily replaced at the end of their lifespan. As the remainder of the units are mainly metal this can be fully recycled, and the plastic parts disposed of responsibly.


  • Yes.  All UVent products have been tested by specialist units at the University of Leeds and University of Bradford.  Rigorous scientific scrutiny is the only way to truly guarantee any product like this and no expense was spared by the Company in its R&D budget to achieve the widely published results.

    Over thirty different pathogens were tested including coronavirus, influenza, MRSA, Rotavirus, Hepatitis A, Cholera and Herpes Simplex.  There is probably no other products on the market as extensively tested as UVent

  • UVent was developed for the Ebola Pandemic and there were many 1000’s of units installed in West Africa and the Middle East covering hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, government buildings and care homes. In the UK the products have just been launched and we have had significant interest from NHS Trusts and very similar sectors already mentioned above.

  • UVent products are not required to be registered as medical devices. But they are CE-approved and fully compliant with all relevant BS-EN standards.  In addition, Mansfield Pollard are ISO (9001:2015) accredited.


  • Our tests were conducted on SARS coronavirus which has almost an identical size/structure/envelope as the current Covid-19 and is widely accepted as a substitute.

    The forced airflow will greatly reduce surface settlement of viruses and therefore reduce the viral load on the surfaces. UVent technology does not actively kill viruses on surfaces but it does reduce the amount that can settle on the surfaces by destroying them while they are still in the air.

  • All UVent products aim to create a controlled airflow in any indoor setting. In particular, the mobile units use powerful fans which draw contaminated air away from the breathing zone, sterilize it and then send it back into the breathing zone. This will greatly reduce the risk of cross contamination through airborne and droplet particles.

  • Whilst Covid-19 is thought to be predominantly transmitted by droplets, they can be various sized droplets, including fine droplets that can stay in the air for hours. Droplets are not only released whilst coughing or sneezing, the simple act of talking, eating and even breathing can release them. This is why many governments, including our own, have now made mask wearing compulsory in certain situations.

    In addition, it is a known fact that virus droplets attach to larger particles in the air such as dust, pollution or other particles and then effectively becomes airborne. This is why maintaining clean air reduces the risk of viruses being transported through the air. There is increasing evidence that the Corona virus is airborne due to pollution and other particulate matter.

Installation & Maintenance

  • We offer a standard 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • The mobile unit can easily be moved to different rooms and the units have casters that allow them to be pushed around, to offer our customers maximum flexibility.  The ceiling jet can be moved between rooms if required although this will require qualified installation teams, similarly with the duct mounted unit.

  • All our units are very easy to maintain, and the duct mounted should also lower your ductwork cleaning costs.  A red / green warning light system will highlight any issue and products come with a detailed Operations & Maintenance manual and are designed with easy access in mind.

  • All consumable parts are available directly from UVent including service packs containing all components necessary for an interim or full service – A full service pack consists of the following items:  written instructions & notes, replacement lamps, replacement filter, protective gloves, eye protection, cleaning cloth & cleaning fluid. Note! Eye protection provided is not effective against UV light.

  • The pre-filter traps only larger and coarse particles to prevent ingress into the fan mechanism.  They are safe to handle and can be changed as necessary.

  • The units are very easy to install, operate and maintain.  The mobile unit is simply plug and play, however the ceiling jet and duct mounted sterilisation units will require specialist installation initially, but then all units follow a simple LED red and green warning systems

Technical Specifications

  • The life expectancy of the lamps is approximately 13,000 hours.  Most lamps will continue to function well beyond this timescale but may reduce their intensity

    This equates to approximately 3 years when operating 12 hours a day or 18 months operating 24/7.

  • We will provide the appropriate plug based on country specified when you place the order, if no country is specified we will attach a standard UK plug.

  • First, we use a powerful fan to force air into the unit. Second, we specify the correct unit based on the cubic metres and usage of the room to ensure that sufficient air changes per hour (how often on average all the air in the room is forced through the machine) are taking place. This can be between 3 room changes per hour in a domestic setting to as many as 70 in an operating theatre.

  • Mansfield Pollard specialise in acoustic control products and our R&D department designed tailor made noise solutions for each product to ensure the units are as quiet as possible even at maximum airflow.

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