We design, manufacture, supply and install, ISO standard & bespoke Acoustic Containers.

Including integrated ventilation systems and associated M&E fit-out options, MP’s standard methods of construction provide a robust and high integrity structure suitable for lifting and transportation of any installed equipment.

Our 3D Modelling capabilities offer a greater design insight and a streamlined design cycle, both improving project visualisation and increasing accuracy.

Acoustic Container CAD Drawing - A 3d composition of an Acoustic Container

Acoustic Containers Applications

A Blue and Green CHP System: Acoustic Containers help reduce and manage noise levels for CHP which are typically installed in mixed residential and industrial areas

Acoustic Containers for Combined Heat & Power

CHP Icon for Acoustic ContainersCombined heat and power (CHP) is a highly efficient process that captures and utilises the heat that is a by-product of the electricity generation process. By generating heat and power simultaneously, CHP can reduce carbon emissions by up to 30% compared to the separate means of conventional generation via a boiler and power station. Generally utilising gas engines which may run 24-hours a day. Acoustic Containers help reduce and manage noise levels for CHP which are typically installed in mixed residential and industrial areas

Diesel Generator Sets

Diesel Generator Set Icon for Acoustic ContainersGenerator power sets have always been a requirement in the market for standby power, with greater emphasis on green and low-carbon technologies to support current energy demands across the country. The higher use of renewable energy in the UK and across the world, along with standby generation plants demonstrates this shift in emphasis towards an increasingly diverse mix of power generation.

Equipment used for standby power generation can produce very high levels of noise, creating issues for both plant maintenance operatives and nearby residential properties, especially if the plant operates during night-time hours.

UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply chamber where an Acoustic Container could help reduce the noise levels

UPS & Switchgear

UPS & Switchgear Icon for Acoustic ContainersUninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) battery arrays and switchgear typically require protection from the elements, and whilst there are likely to be high heat losses from the UPS invertor, it is critical to maintain a stable temperature in order to ensure the lifespan and reliability of the battery cells.

MP offer bespoke containerised solutions which make use of a combination of fan assisted ventilation, air-conditioning, and heating to meet the requirements of the specific application.

Offshore Pumps & Hydraulic Power Packs

Offshore Pumps & Hydraulic Power Packs Icon for Acoustic ContainersOffshore applications for containerised packages vary, however, compliance with the highly specialised noise and environmental controls required to ensure the safety of employees is critical.

MP have the product and application knowledge to ensure that the most stringent of specifications are complied with.

Offshore Acoustic Container Location

Acoustic Containers Product Features

  • Bespoke noise attenuation design, where low noise levels are required, enhanced noise control features can be incorporated to meet client specification.

  • Various ventilation configurations available including wall and roof mounted attenuators and acoustic louvres.

  • Access and maintenance features include specifically designed single and double leaf access doors, removable sections for major maintenance, certified internal lifting points and structurally designed and tested lifting beams.

  • Options for small power and lighting installation, saving time on site.

  • Safety features such as fire detection and suppression systems, handrailing and hooped access ladders, can be incorporated if required.

  • Standard paint system suitable for a C3 environment in accordance with ISO12944. Upgraded coastal systems available on request. Colour RAL or BS shade of customers choice.

Acoustic Control Case Studies…

We have over 50 years of specialist experience and a fully integrated acoustic control solution packages, from consultancy & surveys through to design, manufacture and installation, we can ensure our Acoustic Containers and Acoustic Enclosures can achieve your noise level specification

Acoustic Containers for Diesel Generator Sets

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Acoustic Enclosure for Gas Engine Generator

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Battersea Power Station – Acoustic Enclosures

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Manchester CQHN – Acoustic Enclosure

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S.T.O.R – Acoustic and Ventilation Solutions

Design, supply and install a S.T.O.R. power generation acoustic & ventilation project for six gas reciprocating generator sets in a purpose built outbuilding.

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Royal London Hospital

Custom built acoustic solutions for the recently built Royal London hospital.

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    Acoustic Containers FAQ

    • An Acoustic container, also known as a noise-reducing or soundproof container, is a structure designed to manage noise levels of commercial and industrial machinery through soundproofing and noise dampening.

    • Noise levels above 85 dB over a prolonged period of time is harmful to humans and can lead to headaches, hearing loss and other health concerns. The louder the sound, the shorter the amount of time it takes for side effects to occur, and the longer we have exposure to high sound levels the greater the risk we have to long lasting effects.

      Acoustic Containers are used to help ensure the noise level specification and legal requirements of noise pollution are achieved in a wide variety of machinery and applications such as

      • Diesel Generator,
      • Combined Heat & Power,
      • Uninterruptible Power Supply
      • Power Generation
      • Offshore Pumps
      • Hydraulic Power Packs
      • Commercial or Industrial Applications
      • Water & Wastewater
      • Waste Management & Recycling

      Noise reduction is not the only benefit of an Acoustic Container, by enclosing the machinery, we add a layer of protection against the elements and any damage from any workplace activity. These can also improve the building aesthetics by hiding machinery from the view of employees, customers and nearby homes.


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