UVent Ceiling Jet

Quiet Yet Powerful Air Sterilisation

Supplying Ultra-Clean Air

Sized to replace a single ceiling tile, the UVent Ceiling Jet quietly sterilises variable air volumes to suit the specific room requirements.

This compact Ceiling Jet Unit provides non-obstructuve air distribution suitable for a wide range of applications, including both commercial and medical environments.

Independently tested, with a kill rate of up to 99%, the UVent Ceiling Jet is proven to remove airborne bacteria and viruses through ultra-violet germicidal irridation with measurable performance and guaranteed results.

ceiling jet

Industry Leading Performance

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Latest air handling technology and unique design to maximise sterilisation volumes and dissipate air throughout the entire room including areas of high biological concentration.


Sized to replace a single standard ceiling tile with specialist acoustic lining to ensure ultra-quiet operation. Remote operated including switch for ‘high pulse’ operation for immediate room purgingIntegrated. 


Integrated energy controller to provide variable speed operation at designated times to suit the particular room environment.

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Independently Tested

Tested by Independent Laboratories

All UVent products have been tested by specialist units at the University of Leeds and University of Bradford. Rigorous scientific scrutiny is the only way to truly guarantee any product like this and no expense was spared by the Company in its R&D budget to achieve the widely published results.

Over thirty different pathogens were tested including coronavirus, influenza, MRSA, Rotavirus, Hepatitis A, Cholera and Herpes Simplex. We are one of the few companies to invest so heavily in its testing capabilities of the product.

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