CEO Receives National Recognition

Mansfield Pollard are delighted to announce CEO Louise Frankland’s inclusion in the 2024 E2E Female 100 Track in association with The Independent.

The E2E Female 100 initiative is reserved for the top 100 female led businesses across the UK and stands as a beacon of excellence, transcending mere recognition; it symbolises a resolute commitment to celebrating the trailblazing spirit of female entrepreneurs and founders across a myriad of sectors. The E2E Female 100 spotlights the pinnacle of female led UK-based companies that not only excel in their respective domains but also foster consistent employee growth and spearhead transformative business strategies. With resounding impact, these enterprises resonate far beyond their industry confines, leaving an indelible mark on a national, European and global scale.

Lou said, ‘Being recognised on the E2E Female 100 Track is not just a personal accolade; it’s a testament to the extraordinary capabilities and dedication of our entire team at Mansfield Pollard. This recognition shines a spotlight on the UK’s manufacturing industry, underscoring its significance on a national scale. Together, we’ve fostered a winning culture that drives innovation and excellence, propelling us forward in these challenging times. It’s an honour to be listed among such remarkable enterprises, and this achievement highlights the relentless spirit and hard work of every member of our team.

Speaking about the track, Shalini Khemka CBE, founder of E2E said: “The E2E Female 100 has allowed us to highlight the amazing companies throughout the UK with a turnover in excess of £25million. These are companies that despite a challenging economy and in fact a challenging few years, have generated exceptional turnover results and are continuing to grow at a rapid rate. Here’s to seeing every company on this track continue to scale up, grow and achieve even more amazing things in the future.

Lou commented on the business’ inclusion within the track stating “Our inclusion in the E2E Female 100 is a momentous milestone for Mansfield Pollard. It underscores our growth, resilience, and the innovative strategies we’ve implemented to excel in a competitive landscape. This accolade reflects our commitment to not just sustain, but to thrive, showcasing our role as a leading figure within the air handling unit, data centre cooling and acoustic control sectors. It’s a proud moment for us all, as we continue to deliver on our ambitious five-year growth strategy”.

The full track can be viewed here

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