Celebrating International Women’s Day

International Womens Day Mansfield Pollard

International Women’s Day is an opportunity for us to embrace our company values and commitment of diversity, equality, and inclusion. As well as celebrating the achievements of the incredible women working at Mansfield Pollard, this year, we are discussing what equality and equity means to them…

Ewelina Kaftanska
Inequity is a global issue that needs to be solved. There are evident inequalities globally in race, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, education, economic status, and so much more. The lack of equity is at the core of so many global issues and understanding this is important to achieving overall equality as an outcome. We shouldn’t be aiming to treat people or distribute resources equally, we should aim to do so equitably in order to reach equality.

Emma Broscombe
I was diagnosed with a hearing impairment as a teenager and issued hearing aids at 17, so I have faced some difficulties with fitting in and feeling “normal”. People don’t expect to see hearing aids on a young lady so college was very isolating as people would whisper deliberately to exclude me. So I used to try to hide that I wore hearing aids and spent my late teens and early twenties feeling very self-conscious.

But once I embraced what made me different also made me “ME” I took a whole new pride in making people aware that I wore them, and it made my life so much easier.
I encourage people to ask me questions when they are feeling curious, and I never try hide them anymore.

Diversity is what makes us all so interesting and tells our individual stories.

Natalie Arthur
I am proud to work at a company with so many female voices on the board. I think in this industry it is uncommon but very important for businesses to thrive.

Angelika Janik
To me, diversity and gender equality means that no woman is left behind when making decisions regarding recruitment, promotion or access to benefits and training in the workplace.

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