10 Ways Air-Plus+ Will Benefit Our Customers

Air Plus Launch

Air-Plus+: A revolutionary Air Handling Workflow System

Mansfield Pollard recognised that ‘off the shelf’ Air Handling Unit design software packages were not the best fit for our customers or for our flourishing Air Handling Unit business.

That’s why we have invested heavily in the creation of a custom-built ‘end to end’ air handling solutions package. After almost two years in development, the team at Mansfield Pollard are delighted to launch Air-Plus+ as the industry leading design software for our Air Handling Unit division.

A combination of customer feedback and intensive market research pinpointed two main headline requirements:  to enhance levels of customer service and also to maximise cost efficiency.  In addition, Mansfield Pollard’s continuous improvement strategy highlighted the need to streamline and standardise internal processes for the full AHU workflow system. Consequently, Air-Plus+ was born.

10 Ways Air-Plus+ will benefit our customers


1 Express Quote Turnaround:

Drag and drop component functionality and pre-defined parametric and psychrometric unit design rules ensure a ‘best in class’ quote turnaround service.  Our KPI metric for quote turnaround has more than halved since the inception of Air-Plus+.

2 Instant Modifications & Multi Option Capability:

Any revisions to specification are executed by a simple click of the mouse with auto-resizing and immediate re-calculation and re-selection.  The software is also capable of multi-option quote creation enabling detailed analysis of a number of different configurations and potential solutions.

3 Auto-Generated Cad Drawings:

Working CAD drawings are auto-generated within the software and are intrinsically linked to the estimating module meaning drawings for approval are instantly available.

Cost Accuracy:

Any tangible results from Mansfield Pollard’s business wide drive for continuous improvement are fed back into our software system via a dynamic labour and materials linked cost database ensuring our customers receive the most accurate and time critical quote possible.

Regulatory Compliance:

Pre-defined design rules and in-built control systems guarantee that all appropriate regulations and guidance documents are fully complied with dependent upon unit application.

6 Minimal Unit Footprint:

Default design parameters within the software generate all Air Handling Units with minimum unit footprint (width, height and depth) based on face velocity of airflow.  In-built manual override capability to increase unit size in 1mm increments ensures that any specification can be met.

7 Best Value Components:

Air-Plus+ auto-selects the most cost-effective component parts from our consolidated supply chain partners. The selection is based on harmonizing best performance with cost effectiveness whilst ensuring the required output is achieved.

8 Maximum Energy Efficiency:

Pre-defined software algorithms ensure the ideal balance between maximum energy efficient selections, unit output needs and legislative / compliance requirements, to achieve the most cost-effective solution for each individual Air Handling Unit.

9 Accelerated Build:

Auto-generated production data including software generated scalable piece part cut and fold lists, fully CAM compatible production files and sheet metal auto-nesting functionality, optimises unit manufacturing time and minimises all manufacturing materials.

10 Intelligent Data:

Our custom built ‘end to end’ air handling solutions package holds an immense amount of design and manufacturing based data.  As a direct consequence of this, our customers benefit from unit specific Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Manuals.  In addition, our comprehensive bill of materials database supports an accelerated replacement parts service and instant access to our supply partners dynamic-link library of components permits consignment stock to further improve customer lead times.

For more information about Air-Plus+, you can contact a member of our team here