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Ventilation in Education: Prioritising Student Health & Comfort

Adequate ventilation in learning environments is essential to creating a positive, productive space for children and young adults. Numerous studies have shown the worrying impact of poor indoor air quality in children and young adults including reduced levels of concentration, headaches, poor mood and in some extreme cases developmental issues.…

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10 Ways Air-Plus+ Will Benefit Our Customers

Air-Plus+: A revolutionary Air Handling Workflow System Mansfield Pollard recognised that ‘off the shelf’ Air Handling Unit design software packages were not the best fit for our customers or for our flourishing Air Handling Unit business. That’s why we have invested heavily in the creation of a custom-built ‘end to…

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Better Ventilation: Does it mean better health?

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, experts are calling for a “paradigm shift” in how we approach potential sources of environmental infection. Regulations in areas such as food standards, water and sanitation have historically always been robust, however in comparison, guidelines focusing on ventilation have been lacklustre. Research shows…

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